NeoShield Cladding Toowoomba




NeoShield Cladding Toowoomba is scientifically designed to add to your home’s exterior insulating ability and increase your R-value. NeoShields’s graphite enhanced EPS wall cladding insulation is made with Neopor®*. Neopor aids in the absorption and reflection of radiant heat which makes NeoShield’s R-value up to 20% higher than Vinyl Wall Cladding with a traditional white polystyrene backing. It’s relentlessly tested for UV colour fade resistance. It’s impact tested and found to exceed standards. It will also withstand tests of the elements, including hail. What’s more, NeoShield won’t rot or split, crack or crumble, peel, scratch or warp.




Bifenthrin Cladding Toowoomba


NeoShield’s Vinyl Cladding Toowoomba insulated backing contains bifenthrin which is the best termite retardant available on the market and also a systemic insecticide which protects your home from termite damage. The active ingredient, bifenthrin is used at low concentrations (6320 mg/kg) and is safe for installers and home owners. Bifenthrin is also commonly used for household pest control, crop protection and as a topical treatment for flea and tick control on pets. Save the cost of ongoing, regular maintenance. Prestige Exteriors’ NeoShield Toowoomba Cladding will turn an average home into a showcase. We clad directly over wood or fibro and existing weatherboards to leave a beautiful, colourfast and lasting impression.

Cladding Toowoomba

*=Registered Trademark of BASF SE.
**=Upto 20% more performance compared with the same board thickness in conventional white polystyrene.


NeoShield Cladding Toowoomba Saves time and money so Put Away the Paint!!

Think of the time and money saved in never scraping, prepping or painting your home again. Just install NeoShield wall cladding and relax as you enjoy the beauty.

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